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Body Stretch Studio helps Brisbane residents of all ages to maintain higher physical function and continued engagement with and quality of life.

Hi I'm Angela! With a passion for supporting holistic health and wellbeing I'm an advocate for exercise, good nutrition and maintaining flexibility and mobility.

With a professional background in the medical and healthcare industry, I promote a holistic approach to improve your well-being and optimise your physical function.

Stretchfit certified

Stretching helps you maintain mobility, prevent injury and improve performance.

How does stretchfit work?

The StretchFit approach uses modern equipment that targets specific muscles.  

The equipment allows you to be supported in the most comfortable position to enable maximum possible relaxation in each stretch.

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Why stretch?

Regular stretching helps us improve our relationship with our bodies and regain confidence to be active.

- wear and tear soreness etc
- reduced stress and
- moblity and movement and energy etc


Meet our team

Lavinia Blanchett

Founder & CEO

Dr. Jessica McCartney

Dermatology Specialist

Connor Keaton

Marketing Specialist

Analisse Shire

Sales Specialist

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