Body Stretch Studio is a boutique studio offering personalised and tailored stretch classes in Brisbane.
Body Stretch Studio helps Brisbane residents of all ages to maintain higher physical function, continued engagement, and higher quality of life.
At Body Stretch Studio we incorporate the Stretchfit combination station into our classes.

What is a Stretchfit Combination Station? This patented equipment is the principal piece of Stretchfit equipment. As the title suggests, it is designed so that you can perform targeted stretches for the entire body (over 75 in all) on the one station.
What is the Stretchfit approach? The Stretchfit approach is to isolate each of the bodies muscle  compartments and stretch them methodically.  
You will have your own Stretchfit combination station to work on for the entire session.   
We will work through all of the major  muscle groups of the body: for example the anterior,  posterior, and medial thighs.  Each group is  isolated and stretched individually.
It is anatomically based, precise, and no one is left guessing “am I doing it right?”
How long do I hold each stretch for? We hold stretches for 2-3 minutes. Research shows this is the minimum period of time needed for long-lasting biological adaptation.  Using a method called PNF or contract/relax stretching to accelerate the acquisition of flexibility. 

What is PNF stretching? PNF is an abbreviation for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, is a stretching technique utilized to increase range of motion (ROM) and flexibility. PNF increases ROM by increasing the length of the muscle and increasing neuromuscular efficiency. PNF stretching has been found to increase ROM in trained, as well as untrained, individuals.

Source: Hindle KB, Whitcomb TJ,Briggs WO, Hong J. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF): ItsMechanisms and Effects on Range of Motion and Muscular Function. J Hum Kinet.2012 Mar;31:105-13. doi: 10.2478/v10078-012-0011-y. Epub 2012 Apr 3. PMID:23487249; PMCID: PMC3588663.

WHAT should I expect  in BODY STRETCH STUDIO class?

Classes are   conducted in a quiet, relaxed and non-competitive environment. The emphasis is on working with a sense of gentle discipline towards  yourself and your body.​   Relaxation is the key to stretching success.  You can ask  questions at any time.


Each stretch  should be performed to the point of tension only. This equates to around  6/10 in terms of discomfort. Unlike other forms of training, pushing  yourself harder than this does not bring better results. It’s “time under tension” that matters most.


Body Stretch Studio is an appointment based only service, please check availability on our online appointments booking calendar.

Please bring a  towel, and a bottle of water.

WHAT DO I DO WHEN I ARRIVE? Please take a seat in our waiting room, remove your shoes, and place them and your phone, keys and personal belongings in an empty basket, located on the black cubed shelving. We have sanitary cloths available and ask for you to wipe down your feet and hands.

CAN I BRING MY PHONE  IN THE STUDIO? We recommend you leave your phone in the black storage cube basket, ideally turned down or off, with your other belongings. If you choose to take calls this will impact your session time by shortening your class time.

We ask that you please turn your phone down on arrival as not to disturb clients already in session. Urgent calls can be taken outside the waiting room.

WHERE DO I PARK? On street parking only on Weller Road, please observe the yellow lines when parking.

Body Stretch Studio is a boutique home based studio. You can enter via the driveway and enter the gate located on your right hand side, alternatively, if you are comfortable with stairs, you can enter by the front gate. The studio waiting room is through the  centre doors, located on the front porch.

WHAT IF I'M RUNNING LATE? Please note late arrivals will result in a shorter session. Please see our terms & conditions regarding re-scheduling your appointment and familiarise yourself to view our cancellation policy.

WHAT DO I WEAR? Comfortable clothes that allow movement, eg. shorts , t- shirt or tights, similar attire you would wear to a gym or yoga class, and your choice of bare feet or grip socks.

HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL BE IN MY SESSION? The sessions are  personalised with currently only 1 -2 people. 

DO YOU HAVE  BATHROOM FACILITIES? Body Stretch Studio has a toilet on site.

WHY DO A PRIVATE 1:1 SESSION?  Receive personalised and focused attention, great for tackling specific issues and chronic pain. Become familiar and comfortable with the Stretchfit station and enjoy the use of our Therabody Theragun.

WHAT IS A THERABODY THERAGUN? The deep muscle treatment to enhance muscle recovery, release stress and tension, and soothe discomfort with the smart percussive therapy device in a league of its own.

WHAT IS A 2 PERSON SESSION? Attention is distributed between 2 people, the specialised equipment means that you can find both the stretch and the intensity that’s right for you.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Body Stretch Studio Stretchfit sessions are suitable for almost anyone from the age of around 13 to over 80!
If you have niggling aches and pains, are a “weekend warrior”, or work at a sedentary job, we ‘re pretty sure you’ll love the experience.

HOW MANY SESSIONS SHOULD I DO A WEEK? 1 session/week: general maintenance of your current range of movement and improve your ability to do daily activities.

2 sessions/week: long-term change in your flexibility, pain management and decrease risk of injury.

3 sessions/week: improve your performance in physical activities enabling your muscles to work most effectively.


Research has shown that stretching can help improve flexibility, and, as a result, the range of motion of your joints.
Better flexibility may improve your performance in physical activities and decrease your risk of injuries. 

1. Increase your flexibility. Regular stretching can help increase your flexibility, which is crucial for your overall health. Not only can improved flexibility help you to perform everyday activities with relative ease, but it can also help delay the reduced mobility that can come with aging.

2. Increase your range of motion. Being able to move a joint through its full range of motion gives you more freedom of movement. Stretching on a regular basis can help increase your range of motion. One study found that both static and dynamic stretching are effective when it comes to increasing range of motion, although proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)-type stretching, where you stretch a muscle to its limit, may be more effective for immediate gains.

3. Improve your performance in physical activities. Performing dynamic stretches prior to physical activities has been shown to help prepare your muscles for the activity. It may also help improve your performance in an athletic event or exercise.

4. Increase blood flow to your muscles. Performing stretches on a regular basis may improve your circulation. Improved circulation increases blood flow to your muscles, which can shorten your recovery time and reduce muscle soreness (also known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS).

5. Improve your posture. Muscle imbalances are common and can lead to poor posture. One study found that a combination of strengthening and stretching specific muscle groups can reduce musculoskeletal pain and encourage proper alignment. That, in turn, may help improve your posture.

6. Help heal and prevent back pain. Tight muscles can lead to a decrease in your range of motion. When this happens, you increase the likelihood of straining the muscles in your back. Stretching can help heal an existing back injury by stretching the muscles. A regular stretching routine can also help prevent future backpain by strengthening your back muscles and reducing your risk for muscles train.

7. Stress relief. When you’re experiencing stress, there’s a good chance your muscles are tense. That’s because your muscles tend to tighten up in response to physical and emotional stress. Focus on areas of your body where you tend to hold your stress, such as your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

8. Calm your mind. Participating in a regular stretching program not only helps increase your flexibility, but it can also calm your mind. While you stretch, focus on mindfulness, and meditation exercises, which give your mind a mental break.

9. Help decrease tension headaches. Tension and stress headaches can interfere with your daily life. In addition to a proper diet, adequate hydration, and plenty of rest, stretching may help reduce the tension you feel from headaches.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/benefits-of-stretching By Sara Lindberg. Medically Reviewed ByDaniel Bubnis, MS, NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS